Friday, August 18, 2006

The Good Ol' Days...

Remember back in the day, say John Elway circa 1999, when players retired gracefully from professional sports with some dignity? When the word retired wasn't followed in the story by "psych!!" With the news here in Boston that the Patriots today signed Junior Seau, we may have officially set a record for shortest retirement, at least in recent memory. Even Mr. Ego himself, Michael Jordan, enjoyed a longer time out of the spotlight than Seau. And what makes it even more pathetic was Seau's fire and brimstone, telivangelist-like retirement speech. Oops.

It really is a sad testimony to the ego of a professional athlete that they cannot see the writing on the wall. I mean, the man is 37 years old, hasn't played 16 games since 2001, and, in my very untrained opinion, was vastly overrated throughout his 16 year career. I find it funny that LaVar Arrington has spent his career getting ripped for being a wreckloose, scheme-ignoring freelancer, yet Seau went to 12 Pro Bowls doing the same thing. Back to my point. What was my point? Oh, the writing on the wall, yeah, clearly someone needs to sit Junior down (and Favre too while we're at it) and break the news to him that he should have retired not on Monday, but after the 2003 season in San Diego.

Oh well, at least the companies selling the random throwback jerseys, think Unitas as a Charger, Namath as a Ram, Simpson as a 49er, Franco as a Seahawk, will have another one to add to the list. Maybe they'll see it as a two for one with the Jerry Rice VERY limited edition Bronco jerseys.

And, above all, this signing is a clear indication that all is not well in Foxborough (well, except here in my Steeler-loving household)!!


At 3:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How about the Cardinals Emmitt Smith jersey? He was modestly productive but definitely on the slide. No better/worse than MIA-Seau.

My personal bane (for the WAS homer) is the NYJ or even worse the PHI Art Monk jerseys. I'm sure Scott is a fan of the DAL/MIA Kosar jerseys.

Thank you, collective bargaining agreement - making it impossible for teams to re-sign players who have made a mark on their franchise! Unless someone pulls a Jimmy Smith, it just doesn't happen that way anymore.


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