Friday, April 07, 2006

NFL Schedule

Now that the schedule is out, we can start doing some predicting. Looking over the Ravens schedule I'm going to go with the following.

@TB-L (It will take a week for Kerry Collins to get settled in as the Ravens QB)
Oak-W (Please, this is the Raiders we're talking about)
@Cle-L (Browns should be tough at home)
SD-W (Counting on Rivers not cutting it yet)
@Den-L (It's hard to win in Denver, unless it's the playoffs)
Car-L (Delhomme on the road is an iffy, but they've got the better team)
@NO-W (Even Brees won't be able to save them this year)
Cin-W (Gut feeling here)
@Ten-W (Please please have "aIR" McNair still be in Tennessee)
Atl-W (Maybe Adalius Thomas will break Vick's leg again)
Pit-L (I'll give this one to you Boyer, even though they always play them tough at home)
@Cin-L (Can't sweep them)
@KC-L (You can't stop LJ, you can only hope to contain him)
Cle-W (Maybe the game for both team's wild card hopes)
@Pit-L (Is Maddox going to be able to play??)
Buf-W (Does it even matter who wins that QB battle)

So 8-8, not a very exciting year. Of course if Billick gets fired halfway through the season, then it's an 8 game winning streak and the Super Bowl!


At 1:07 PM, Blogger Dan said...

You're a brave man, Scott.
I don't think you've got the Falcons. I think they've improved this offseason and should be back in the hunt in the NFC. And you're right in that SD will be largely dependant on the speed of Rivers' maturation. SD has a bye in week 3 so he'll only have 2 games of starting experience under his belt by week 4. That may help you out.

McNaIR will be under center for you guys, not Collins, though.

At 1:25 PM, Blogger Scott said...

Atlanta outside of a dome at the end of November? 0-3 in that scenario in 2005 and 1-3 in 2004. Besides even if aIR is there, by that time he'll be injured and "Pro" Boller will be leading the charge!


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