Monday, August 28, 2006

Jeff George??!!

List of guys who were readily avaialable for the Raiders this offseason who I'd rather see quarterbacking my team instead of Jeff George (or Aaron Brooks) (I'm probably forgetting some...and in no particular order):

Guys we know were available as free agents or in trade this offseason:
1.) Drew Brees
2.) Steve McNair
3.) Daunte Culpepper
4.) Gus Frerotte
5.) Brian Griese
6.) Trent Dilfer
7.) Joey Harrington
8.) Jon Kitna
9.) Josh McCown
10.) Kelly Holcomb
11.) Todd Collins
12.) Patrick Ramsey

Guys they could have drafted:
1.) Matt Leinart
2.) Jay Cutler
3.) Kellen Clemons
4.) Tavaris Jackson
5.) Bruce Gradkowski

Other guys floating out there (i.e. available today!):
1.) Vinny Testaverde
2.) Tim Couch
3.) Kerry Collins (missed the boat here...)
4.) A.J. Feely (released yesterday)

Right under their nose:
1.) Andrew Walter
2.) Marques Tuiasosoppo


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