Thursday, April 27, 2006

Is there a Draft in Here?

What? The NFL draft is this weekend? No way!

I will be at a wedding Saturday afternoon so, unfortunately, I will probably miss from the second half of the first round all the way into the third round. The real bummer (aside from having the goober pictured here on my keeper league team) is that this is where most of the excitement will occur for me with all the fantasy-eligible, skill position people (RB's, WR's).

Here are some draft nuggets for the masses:'s SportsNation mock draft's interactive mock draft w/ Pasquerelli/Clayton
Various Sportsline Mocks
Draft Pick Value Chart ("Dallas Chart")
Penn Staters potentially ready to be drafted
Hilarious DJ Gallo mock of the draft (for the record I love the Minnesota pick - he busts on all the right people in one shot!)
Page 2's 100 "Worst Draft Picks Ever" list

I'm starting the: "Javon Walker and #5 to New Orleans for #2" rumor. You heard it here first.


At 10:58 PM, Blogger Joggling said...


I hope the people who's wedding you're going to don't read your blog. I'd rather have my teeth drilled than watch a draft. BORRRR-ING


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