Thursday, April 20, 2006

And The Winner Is ......

The playoff seedings have now been set, so let's get to the prognosticating.

First Round:
Milwaukee vs. Detroit-The Bucks are a young team on the rise, but not this year. Detroit in 4.
Sacramento vs. San Antonio-I'm not going to call the upset here, but should be one of the better first round series. San Antonio in 7.
Chicago vs. Miami-Chicago couldn't get past the first round last year, and they weren't playing a team the caliber of the Heat, so another early exit. Miami in 6.
LA Lakers vs. Phoenix-Kobe can do a lot, but he can't do it all against the Suns. The Black Mamba goes down in 6.
Washington vs. Cleveland-I don't remember a season in my basketball fan lifetime where both my teams were in the playoffs, and now they end up playing each other in the first round. The regular season games were not a true indicator I don't think. The Wizards can't close games, Haywood may be the biggest baby I know, and the King is ready for the spotlight. Cavs in 5.
Memphis vs. Dallas-I like the Mavs, and the Grizz can't even lose a game they need to lose. How are they going to win a game they need to win? Dallas in 5.
Indiana vs. New Jersey-NJ has the inside and outside games working. Indiana is still shellshocked from the Artest era. New Jersey in 6.
Denver vs. LA Clippers-This may be the biggest joke in sports. By losing the game to the Griz the other night, the Clips get homecourt advantage in the first round. How exactly do you play a game in which it's to your advantage to lose? What's the point of winning a division and getting 3rd seed, if you have to go on the road against the 6th seed? The commish needs to do some serious restructuring here. Clips in 7.

Second Round:
Cleveland vs. Detroit-The regular season series was a good indicator in this case. The Pistons defense can slow down LeBron, and Hughes can't quite pick up the slack. Detroit in 5.
Dallas vs. San Antonio-I will call the upset here, as Duncan just isn't healthy enough to carry the Spurs this year. Dallas finally does something in the playoffs now that Nelson has left the building. Dallas in 6.
New Jersey vs. Miami-Should be a pretty good series with fairly similar teams. Who will dominate, Kidd, Carter, Wade, Shaq, my boy Nenad? I'm giving the edge to the home Heat, Miami in 7.
LA Clippers vs. Phoenix-Even without That's Amare I like the Suns. The Clips will run with them, but not quite keep up. This will be a nice experience year for the Clips though. Phoenix in 6.

Conference Finals:
Miami vs. Detroit-It didn't work out for Miami last year, and it won't this year either. The Pistons are just tough. Detroit in 7.
Phoenix vs. Dallas-I'm agreeing with Dan, that's scary. Let's go Mavs! Dallas in 6.

NBA Finals:
Dallas vs. Detroit-They were denied last year, but not so in 2006. Larry Brown cries in NY as the Pistons win again, this time in 6 games.


At 10:36 PM, Blogger Dan said...

I saw the photo at the intro and thought you were gonna take the Cavs all the way - had me scared a little bit! Detroit over Dallas, all the way, baby!
(Although I still like my Staples Center shootout!)

At 10:42 PM, Blogger Boyer said...

Nice work by both of you gentlemen. I'm going to leave the NBA prognastication to you two, as it is clearly not my area of expertise. Keep up the great work!!

At 10:00 AM, Blogger Scott said...

I'd love to have them do it, but don't think this is the year. Jordan lost his first 3 times in the playoffs, so there's time. I'm just happy they are back in it.


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