Wednesday, May 24, 2006


On the heels of my blog yesterday and in light of last night's NBA draft lottery, I'm wondering if the Cavs, at #25, would be smart to pick up JJ Redick. I'm not Redick fan, myself. He gets as much local airtime outside of college football season as Marcus Vick and Frank Beamer do during college football season, and frankly, it gets old. He, alone, is one of the only reasons I ever switch off sports talk radio.

But we all know that despite being the leading scorer in NCAA history, (or was it Duke history? I can't remember...either way - the guy's scored a lot of points!) Reddick is not a lottery pick. In fact, many are saying that he'd be lucky to be a first round pick. So it's quite possible that he'd be available at #25. He's projected to be a role player in the NBA - basically the next generation's Steve Kerr. (Although that's what Michael Redd was projected to be and look at him now). As I discussed yesterday - this is exactly what the Cavs need - someone who CAN (unlike Damon Jones and Flip Murray) hit a three - someone who opposing defenses will have to respect from out there and who will open up the inside just a little bit for Lebron and even Larry Hughes to do their thing.

Cleveland has already tried the Trajan Langdon experiment - and it didn't really work. Although Langdon came with less of an investment on their part, was less of an all-around scorer than Redick, and had even less NBA potential while Redick absolutely has NBA potential - just in a very specific niche. So who knows?

I'm not one to mock NBA drafts, but I think Redick could be a nice and needed addition to the Cleveland roster.

I also think Tyrus Thomas would've looked great in blue and orange and he would've given the fans at MSG something to be excited about next to Channing Frye. But red and black will have to do. The Bulls are gonna be nasty in a few years.


At 9:46 AM, Blogger Scott said...

Unfortunately Trajan Langdon was the 11th pick of the draft by the Cavs. He was the all time Duke leader in 3 pointers until JJ came around. They do need a good shooter, but I also feel they should get one that can get his own shot, and doesn't have to rely on a double team pass from Lebron. So I'm not down with JJ, though the Duke hatred might be coming out some in that.

At 10:23 PM, Blogger Boyer said...

Scott, I see your point, but I have to side with Dan here. Redick is exactly the type of spot up shooter they need to keep defenses from sagging on James and Hughes. He doesn't need to create his own shot on a team with two wing players that do that for him. Plus, he would be awesome as the 6th man, instant offense off the bench type.


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