Friday, June 16, 2006

He's Baaaaack

So MJ is back in the NBA spotlight. He's now the 2nd largest owner of the Charlotte Bobcats, and will make player moves. That should work out really well, just like it did in Washington. Let's go over some of the fine moves Jordan the GM made during his time with the Wiz.

1) Who needs youth, let's trade this young guy Rip Hamilton for fellow UNCer Stack, who will take every shot there is. That worked out pretty well, especially when MJ came back to playing and wanted every shot also.

2) Signed Tyronne Lue to be the starting PG and lead the team. Ummm, no.

3) Traded a first round pick for Brenda(n) Haywood, another UNCer. Not only is he soft if he were playing PG, but he whines when he doesn't get 30 minutes a game. Now the Wizards still have him, which is a whole other story, but Jordan was the one that first traded for him.

4) I'm going to give Jordan some props here, because he was able to trade away Juwan Howard and his untradeable contract. Granted he didn't really get much (Etan Thomas was the best of the bunch, and he's always injured), but he did clear cap room that was used after Jordan left to sign Arenas. However, he did get Christian Laettner in the trade, which is almost a negative. And then he gave him meaningful playing team, so really not as positive as it first seeemed.

5) Drafting Kwame Brown, and then ruining his confidence. Enough said.

6) Even worse then drafting Kwame was not taking Elton Brand in a trade for that #1 pick.

So good luck Bobcat fans (I'm sure there are some). You've now hired Isiah Thomas part deux. Enjoy watching any good young player you have get traded (unless they are from UNC), and your draft picks be wasted. Hopefully Jordan at least knows how to get free agents to come to town. That was always the promise when Jordan was hired in Washington, but it didn't actually pan out until he left, hmmmm makes you wonder. Oh, and enjoy the fact that your GM likes to live in Chicago still, and watches games on TV instead of actually being a part of the team.


At 4:06 PM, Blogger Dan said...

They already have May and Felton - maybe that's enough Tarheels for MJ?

You know, I started to write this comment with the intention of defending some of those moves, but they're really indefensible...I just couldn't.


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