Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Big Ben - A scary moment for any Steelers fan, or just fan of human life. (And my FF keeper league team!). I don't get why he did it. Sure he's just a matter of if he SHOULD. I guess there are a lot of ugly football players out there, though - maybe some big face/head scars give him an intimidating look now? By the way - you can find Ben's replica motorcyle helmet on Ebay.

Heat/Mavs - It was good to see the Heat get a win last night and make a series of it. The scary part is that they really outplayed the Mavs for most of the game and won by a nail-biting two relying on Gary Payton to hit a key late basket. That can't feel good. And I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing for them that Shaq has really yet to show up at this point in the series. They got a win and he didn't have to be dominating - but the question remains - is he still going to pull the 1 or 2 dominating games per series out some time in the last four? Or do the Mavs just have his number now? For the record, I really enjoyed the anecdote during the game about LeBron sending Wade encouraging emails. It just seems weird having celebrities email each other about "work" like any of the rest of us.

Tennis - Dare I say that I watched the French Open men's finals this weekend. It looked like Nadal just wore Federer down. Maybe the heat was a big factor? But it was pretty even early on but when they broke serve in the third it was all downhill for Federer....and Nadal seemed to get stronger as he got weaker. He made a valiant comeback in the final set...but it was too much. I can't remember the last time I watched a marquee matchup of this magnitude - 1 vs. 2....and what was it - 29 straight tournament wins vs. 59 straight clay wins? Pretty cool stuff.

College Football - Thanks, dad , for scoring me free tickets to the PSU/Michigan game on 10/14!!!

NFL - I'm just itching to get going....give me camp footage, give me preseason...give me anything!. I've got 2-4 more NBA games before I set into the worst part of the sports calendar!


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