Friday, April 28, 2006

It's Game Night!

1) Going to the Cavs-Wizards Game 3 tonight, hopefully it's a good one. LeBron can't play as bad as he did the other night. He was atrocious at times. And yet the Wizards still didn't win easily. I'm still thinking a split in these two games in Washington. Tonight is now a sell-out, but Sunday night still isn't. And the DC area is supposed to be a hotbed for basketball. Of course top row seats for $45 plus service charges might have something to do with it.

2) The Indians are back to 2 1/2 behind the White Sox. They are still hitting up a storm, but the pitching isn't living up to expectations. I think help in the pen is on the way with the return of Fernando Cabrera from the DL this weekend. He got off to a very rough start, then got injured. But he's been lights out in his rehab, and I think he should be back to his old form that leads fans to believe he's the closer of the future. If he can be dominating in the 7th-8th innings leading to the Wick, that will help a lot.

3) I'm no fan of the Danny, but now he's affecting my actual life. Going to a Redskins game is a beyond terrible experience, but those I can avoid if I need to. This I can't. Among his recent business ventures has been to become the majority shareholder of Six Flags, and setting up his own radio venture in the DC area. He is planning on launching his own sports talk station, where the Redskins games will be broadcast. But my problem is that he bought the rights to air ESPN radio on his stations. This has caused a huge shakeup in the sports radio I listen to every afternoon on my drive home. The show I enjoy listening to, the Sports Reporters, currently goes from 5-7. It's a local show with Andy Pollin (from Kornheiser's show) and Steve Czaban (has a national morning show on Fox Sports Radio). This show is now being moved to the 9-12 spot in the morning which is being vacated by Tony who moves to MNF in the fall. Then from 12-3 ex-Redskins player Brian Mitchell is having his own show (taking ESPN's Dan Patrick's place), which may be decent. However, Coach John Thompson's show is now being extended from 3-5 to 3-7. The Coach is a fine guy, but I really don't enjoy his show at all. So now no sports radio on my drive home that I want to listen to. It may not be all the Danny's fault, but I'm going to blame him anyway.

4) Oh yes, the NFL draft. I've tried to block out most reporting on it in the last few days. Just seems like it's being hyped even more then usual this year. Maybe because of the names at the top. I'll watch it tomorrow to see the Ravens and Browns players, and where the PSU guys go, but I'd just like them to actually start picking instead of talking about it. I love a mock as much as anybody, but it just seems like it's getting ridiculous this year.


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