Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Bush Whacked

As news broke of the signing of Mario Williams by the Houston Texans Friday evening, a thought quickly crossed my mind. It clearly takes a smart, astute business mind to make the now billions of dollars necessary to own a professional football team, but yet these owner time and again make very foolish decisions. There is no way conceivable that from a football and especially marketing standpoint the Williams over Bush selection makes sense (or cents, if you're into puns). Now, I refuse to go all Lupica on anyone and compare it to Sam Bowie/Michael Jordan. Let's not get ahead of ourselves. That being said, WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?!?!?! You have an opportunity to draft one of the most gifted and exciting RBs, let alone players, of the past 10 years (go ahead and name anyone more exciting not named Vick), and instead you chose a player who's college team couldn't reach .500 and has been accused of motivation issues. It's not about Williams's ability though, this judgment is based on soley on Bush. Has anyone seen the reaction of the normally reserved, almost complacent Saints fans? (ESPN's Len Pasquarelli) They sold 15,000 jerseys in the first day, and HE DOES NOT EVEN HAVE A NUMBER YET!! In hindsight, it's a blessing to that hurting city that he can bring some hope and reprieve from the suffering, but it doesn't change the fact that Houston dropped the ball. In their four years of existence, their fans have been good sports while being subjected to some pretty bad football. So, instead of rewarding them with an explosive playmaker and box office draw (or even their hometown hero Vince Young), they allow him to slide on over to New Orleans. Clearly, Texans owner Bob McNair comes from family money because he surely didn't make it through marketing and consumer satisfaction. I know that I'm already setting my TiVo for the September 25th prime time showdown with Michael Vick. Much better than watching Mario Williams and the destined for another top pick Texans. But hey, he saved a few bucks and he won't have to hire so many jersey vendors now.


At 12:17 AM, Blogger Dan said...

I'm not saying Houston made the right move here. But despite Reggie Bush's skills, I've always maintained that RB was the only productive position for Houston last year....Williams is much more of a need pick. It's hard to pass on Bush...and he puts butts in the seats....but I think they IMPROVED their team more by taking Williams. Bush would have been an improvement over Davis. But how much? Can you name anyone starting at end for the Texans last year? Me either. The best move, of course, would’ve been to trade the pick – maybe to the Jets for #4 and John Abraham – and pick up D’Brick and your DE….let someone else take Bush in that #1 spot that he really deserves. I can’t say Houston made a bad pick because I believe they IMPROVED their team more – but I think they might have been able to come away with more/better than they did by trading down.

At 10:31 AM, Blogger Scott said...

One of the Texans big free agent signings was Anthony Weaver. Granted, not a great DE, but they spent a decent amount of money on him. They better get a lot from him and Williams for Casserly to keep his job.

And Boyer, I'll take you up on your question of who is a more exciting player in the last 10 years. Two words, Kyle and Boller. Who else can throw the ball 60 yards from his knees?

At 1:29 PM, Blogger Dan said...

Can he do it from his back? How about from the bench behind McNaIR?

I'm not sure Casserly is keeping his job....Williams or Bush. Either way.


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