Thursday, May 04, 2006

I love This Game!

I have to say - to this point, this year's NBA playoffs have been outstanding. I was going to wait until after round one to pen an update and to check back on my predictions, but I can't wait any more. (I guess this is the purpose of this whole blogging thing, huh?).

I have loved watching Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Gilbert Arenas, Dirk Nowitzki, the entire Pistons team this past week. They are all masters of their craft and are elevating the playoffs to heights they haven't been since MJ was here....maybe the first go-around when he had better competition, too. Fans are reminded of Bird/Wilkins shootouts. James shatters playoff records like clay pigeons. What more could you ask for here?

Quickies (to date):

Pistons/Bucks - The Pistons dispatched the Bucks tonight with a Hamilton dropping 40. I had the opponent wrong but the same results. This series was never in doubt

Spurs/Kings - I have to say - I underestimated the Kings here - maybe moreso underestimated Artest's lockdown on Manu. The Spurs should pull this one off, but you gotta wonder how much longer they'll last.

Heat/Bulls - Wow - the Bulls look darn good for the team with the most ping-pong balls in next year's draft! Or do the Heat look that bad? Maybe a little of both. Shaq's winded, Wade's hurt, Bulls are gunnin'....Chicago may yet pull off the upset here. The Heat don't have the savvy of the Spurs to be sure to save the win with their HCA. (All my picks have won or are winning but I'm most nervous about this one)

Suns/Lakers - The Lakers turnaround in the playoffs has been nothing short of remarkable. If Kwame Brown is a legit threat, something special is happening here. I picked the Lakers but more because I thought Kobe would average 45ppg, not because I thought he'd morph into the consummate team leader. Kudos to Phil. Phoenix was good without Amare...but not as good as they could be. We knew they'd struggle inside without Kurt Thomas....but they're hanging on. Now they're without Raja Bell for Game 6? Done.

Nets/Pacers - I picked the Nets 4-0 here. Oops. The Pacers have definitely made it a series, but the Nets responded aggressively in game 5. I look for that to continue - may not even need a 7th game.

Nuggets/Clippers - Hell is freezing over. I'm convinced. The Clippers aren't only in the playoffs....not only have they already advanced....early....but they look to be the favorites in the second round...? What is happening to my world??! Can someone please tell me how Ron Artest and Udonis Haslem get suspensions for unintentional elbows and tossing mouthpieces and Reggie Evans only gets fined for clipping the nuggets of Chris Kaman?! If that's not a suspension, I don't know what is. Look - I really haven't seen a lot of Clippers games in my lifetime...and that includes this year. There's just been no reason to. But they're a very solid team and fun to watch.

Cavs/Wizards - What a series! This one's been the best so far. Watching James (45 tonight) and Arenas (44) duel is an amazing spectacle! Not just tonight - but this whole series, really. As good as each was in the regular season, they have both taken it to the next level in the post-season. That's what you want to see your leader do. I'm really enjoying Z's Ben Roethlisberger/Jake Plummer beard. However in tonight's game (as good as it was, I have to admit that I was flipping a bit to Spike to see Arnold try and save a young Alyssa Milano with Rae Dawn Chong's help)....I have to agree with Kenny & Charles' postgame about the Wizards' D. It's just not there. No way LeBron should even touch that inbounds. And no way should be allowed an inch of breathing room on the baseline. And where's the timeout to inbounds at halfcourt with 0:00.9 left? The Wiz lost this game on their own, moreso than LeBron winning it (but he'll get credit for the clutch performance).

Mavs/Grizz - I gave the Grizz a game in my predictions - I overestimated Pau's readiness to be a post-season contributor. My bad.


At 7:53 PM, Blogger Boyer said...

If the playoffs have caught my interest, you know they have been pretty incredible. Besides my yearly backing of Tim Duncan and his band of team basketball merry men, I have had very little interest in the NBA (outside of the Celtics) since Barkley left the Suns and Larry Legend retired. This postseason has been great, and I have even found myself checking scores while online and then staying up to watch the ends of games. All topped off with the amazing LeBron/Arenas shootout last night (my question being why wasn't he at least HACKED going baseline. Make him win it at the line at least). I even plan on taking in the Bulls/Heat game tonight, rooting hard for the Bulls, a team I hated during the Jordan era. They play great team basketball and have players you can root for like Deng, Gordon, and especially Nocioni. Love that guy's game.

At 9:45 AM, Blogger Scott said...

Let off some steam Bennett.

At 1:27 PM, Blogger Dan said...

(I'm glad someone picked up on that...)


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